I’ve come full circle

Welcome 2021 and welcome dear reader.

Like the cycle of the moon, my circle is now complete. About 10 years ago I started a journey. It was the beginning of a quest for happiness. Nobody understood this quest (including myself) because I had everything; a wonderful man, a good career, a house with a garden, cars, two cats, friends, lots of travelling and soon there would be kids. But I was not happy. I was searching. I was depressed.

For two years I went to a psychologist. Initially because of an ectopic pregnancy. But it turned out that was not the heart of my problem. In those two years I discovered that I had lost myself. I had taken on a predominant role conforming to the expectations of society. I made the most difficult decision of my life and decided to get divorced and start a new life.


Shortly after the divorce was completed, I started writing a blog called “a journey towards happiness.” That was the beginning of a new adventure. I still had to learn everything about happiness and about myself. Because losing yourself also means you can rediscover yourself.

After years of training, courses, researching, reading, listening and sitting in silence, I found out that happiness can not be found. It resides inside you. In your thoughts, in your body, in your heart and in your feelings. Personal development has taught me a lot. I live more consciously. I take better care of myself. I love myself. Self-love and self-esteem are things I’ve struggled with all my life. I have experienced great growth. I live through my feelings and know how to set and demarcate boundaries. And above all I know what I stand for, what I think is important and I am not afraid to give my opinion (anymore). I feel at home in myself.

The cycle is complete. I am back at the start. A call for adventure. This time I will take it on by working as a personal coach. Welcome to my new journey and feel free to join me. Along the way, we learn more about ourselves and our desires. Together we will embark on an adventure and fill our backpacks with personal growth.

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