Real growth lies outside of the comfort zone

Yesterday during a meditation for EFT tapping (Emotional Freedom Techniques) I came to an enormous insight. The theme was motivation and the assignment was to think about myself as a child. What made me happy? What motivated me? What was I doing? To be fair, I had to dig deep for this one.

I remember my biggest motivator was to play outside. If my parents wanted to punished me, they usually would not allow me to go outside. I was a wild and free child. I always went on adventures. I climbed trees, I played in construction areas, I investigated deserted areas, I made concoctions of plants and sometimes drank them (it is a miracle that I am still standing on this globe). I stole potatoes from the farmer. My love for roller skating developed during my childhood. I did the most extreme tricks without blushing. I was not afraid and I loved being outside and in nature. It were some great memories.

The next question was whether my inner child wanted to say something to me (in the now) and whether I wanted to say something to my inner child? As I write this, tears are coming back to my eyes. Young Shelley asked me “Why aren’t we wild and free anymore? When are we going to play outside again and go on an adventure? Are we being punished? ” I suddenly realized that as an adult I have completely lost those qualities, those motivators. I also realize why I always have a desire for a feeling of “freedom,” but can never properly describe it. I punish myself by always staying within my comfort zone as an adult. Never looking for the edges or really going on adventures again. It is a craving that my inner child has and I can’t ignore.

The comfort zone is the place where I feel safe as an adult. It’s the place where I do the things I know I can do. I have expectations of myself (or limiting beliefs) and those expectations are based on the past. The years from being a child to the person I am today have shaped me. I have been through certain things and gained experiences. In the comfort zone I know what I have and what to expect. Insecurity creates anxiety, especially if you are an adult with responsibilities and bills to pay.

Yet the real rewards of life are outside my comfort zone. The happy memories of my childhood also clearly reflect this. Stepping outside my comfort zone as a child took me to amazing places and allowed for my personal growth. By stopping myself from going outside my comfort zone, I limit myself. As a person I only grow when I try new things and continuously push my boundaries. My inner child teaches me there is no need to be afraid of what is outside of the comfort zone. It is one big adventure.

Young Shelley made me decide to take more risks now and in the future. Take on the adventure of life. It doesn’t have to be big steps. The main thing is that I resist my limiting beliefs. Because why couldn’t I? Why should I be afraid? What’s the worst that could happen? During the meditation I replied to my younger version “We got lost for a moment, but we are still wild and free and we are going on adventures again!” The next assignment I am giving my current self is to go on a retreat alone. That’s something I’ve wanted for a long time, but keep procrastinating because it’s outside my comfort zone. I’m going to register right now ….

What limiting beliefs do you tell yourself to keep from stepping outside of your comfort zone?

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