1-on-1 coaching

the journey to the self

Marieke, teaching assistant 1-on-1 coaching with Shelley has given me more insight into myself. Shelley continued to ask questions, which surfaced a deeper layer of myself, and that has helped me to see things from a different perspective. It gave me guidance for the present and the near future.

I see life as one big journey. The final destination is unknown and actually unimportant. It is the journey itself that is very valuable. During this journey you make choices, you follow paths, these paths have often been walked before and then your journey is fairly easy. Sometimes, consciously or unconsciously, you step off the beaten track and encounter challenges. And sometimes beautiful views reveal themselves when you choose a different route. One thing is for sure, it is YOUR journey. You decide.

You will learn a lot during your trip. About yourself and about others. You store all this information in your mind, body and soul. This process starts when you are still a child. Every journey is personal. You can never put one person’s experience over another person’s experience. That is why it is so important that you make choices that feel good for you, that suit you and that you fully support. Someone else cannot determine that for you.

So all the wisdom you need is already inside you. You have acquired it during your lifetime. However, sometimes it is difficult to reach that wisdom, because of all the noise around us from society. It is nice to have someone who can help you bring that wisdom to the surface. In my coaching I use different techniques to achieve that. Because what matters is that we get to the core of your values. What is really important to YOU. So that you can continue your journey in good spirits.

In principle, you can contact me about any life question you have. Nothing is too crazy, too big or too small. After reading the above, do you feel like going on a journey to yourself? Then look at the different forms of coaching that I offer below. Coaching can take place face-to-face as well as digitally and on location.

1-on-1 coaching (in-person)

  • 1 single coaching session of 1.5 hours – EUR 50,- excluding VAT
  • Coaching package A – 4 sessions of 4 months at EUR 175, – excluding VAT
  • Coaching package B – 8 sessions of 8 months at EUR 350, – excluding VAT
  • Coaching package C – 12 session 12 months at EUR 525, – excluding VAT
    * intake interview is always free

Iris, HRM-employeeI always feel better after the sessions with Shelley. We started with writing down my core values. I never heard of it. After answering questions about my core values, I saw a pattern in my behavior and understood what I liked and did not like. I immediately knew what I could work on.

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