Welcome to my website. I have been on a trip for about 10 years. An inner journey. The adventure started as a search for happiness at a time in my life when I had lost myself. I now know that I cannot find happiness. It resides within me.

The search has brought me to where I am today. And I am very motivated to share my knowledge and experiences from the past decade. I have finally found the meaning of my life and that is to help others make choices in their lives. Choices that are based on intuition and feeling. Completely aware and independent from the outside world and society.

I am a self-love and self-care advocate. If I have learned anything from my search for happiness, it is self-love. You can achieve a lot without loving yourself. But I know from experience that none of it means anything in the end. There will always be a void that will never be fulfilled. No matter how high you set the bar for yourself. If you love yourself and take good care of yourself, another world will open up for you. New challenges will come your way and you will feel free. And only then can you really help others.

I am still working on my own personal development, because growth is a continuous process. My dream is a chain reaction in the personal development of all of humanity. A continuous sharing of knowledge and experiences with one another. To encourage each other instead of discouraging. So that together we can make the world a better place.

I share a lot of my knowledge and experiences through my social media channels and this website. Do you require a more personal approach? View my coaching offers

Hi, I am Shelley