We are all wanderers on our own journeys.

I have been on many journeys in my life. And I trust that there are many adventures yet to come. By journeys I am not just talking about actual trips or vacations to far away places. I have done those too. In this context, however, I am talking about inner journeys. Journeys that have transformed me as a person. Journeys that made me understand more about myself. My authentic self.

Life gives us choices and many roads to take. Often we go by the instructions of others and walk their paths. Instead of finding our own route. Because it is scary to go out into the wild on our own. Following the paved roads feels safe. But can lead to boring tracks, disappointing destinations or even dead-ends.

Creating our own adventure is challenging, exciting and can even feel magical. It is unsure what lies ahead. It can uncover magnificent views, lead us to beautiful strangers and confront us with feirce dangers. What ever we come across, we learn, we grow, we evolve.

Out of all my adventures so far, leading workshops is what I love doing most. I like the dynamics of a workshop. Sharing in a group. A diversity of people creates different insights and perspectives and that makes workshops very inspiring and educational to me. All the more reason to facilitate these journeys!

The workshops I lead all have a link with the organizations for which I am a facilitator. I like to combine heartcentered living with life coaching through creative self-expression. Self-love always has central place in my workshops. It is the overarching theme in my life.

So welcome to your inner journey. You can create your own adventure. I can hand you creative tools and conscious guidance for your journey. But YOU have to do the (inner)work.

From Self-doubt to Self-expression. Through:

  • Heartwork: nature, movement, spirituality, unity
  • Reflection: thoughts, feelings, emotions, actions
  • Self-love: softness, flow, sensuality, compassion
  • Creativity: introducing many ways to be creative

The journey has to reflect the intended destination. It is not about mastery or finishing.
It is about joy, fun, calm, how you (want to) feel. Heart over hustle. Pleasure first.

Pick your journey here:

  • Soul Sabbatical a (self-developed) 5 month online program (starts September)
  • Soul Compass: 2-day workshops (dates to follow)
  • Soul Sparks: inspiring half-day workshops (dates to follow)

Bonus: in August 2022 I will lead creative workshops at the women’s festival Lorelei.