What is Soul Compass?
Soul Compass is a tool to guide you on your path to transformation. Your Soul Compass will become the foundation for every aspect of your life. It gives you something to hold on to, it creates balance and helps you to trust the intuition of your Soul.

Do you recognize yourself in any of these statements?

  • You crave something new, a challenge, some excitement…
  • You have a beautiful life but you are not living your dream…
  • You find it difficult to get a grip on your life…
  • You need more balance in your life…
  • At times you feel trapped in a golden cage…
  • You don’t feel free to fully be yourself…

… creating your Soul Compass will offer the solution!

Your Soul Compass will ensure:

  • direction in making important decisions
  • empowerment in determining what is best for YOU
  • clarity about how YOU want to feel
  • support in defining YOUR values ​​and desires
  • creating balance in YOUR life
  • ease in pronouncing what YOU want or don’t want.

Beautiful human, you have the power to give direction to your life, you can reinvent yourself and you can change your future. Let us provide you with an important tool to help you achieve this. Your personal Soul Compass. We do this by creatively finding our soul desires and storing them in our personal compass.

New workshops will start in October. The Soul Compass workshops consist of two (inseparable) parts. In the first part you will dive deep into your soul desires. We will look at the different areas of your life and determine your desires for each area. We search for balance in all life areas.

During the second part we will convert your soul desires into soul intentions and express them creatively. In this way we provide visual insight into where there is still work to be done. The workshops are two full days. You will receive curriculum, we will provide practical examples and we gather in circle to discuss the exercises and any questions.

A two-day Soul Compass workshop costs €222,-. The message of the number 222 is balance, harmony, intuition, life choices, dedication, compromise and trust. It is a sign to build on your intentions and start achieving more.

Exploring your soul desires means going deep. When you participate in these workshops you must be willing to do the work. The work comes with a smile and a tear, just like life. We are here for support and guidance. You are held in community.

During the Soul Compass workshops you will feel:

  • excited to get started
  • inspired by the material and the conversations
  • safe and encouraged by the community
  • hopeful about the future

At the end of this adventure you will have your very own Soul Compass in your hands. After the Soul Compass workshops you can count on ongoing support from the community. You are invited to be part of the Soul Compass Support Group on Facebook. Where we share information for and about our transformative journeys. Every last Wednesday of the month there is an (online) circle.

At the end of the Soul Compass workshops, you will feel…

  • more confident
  • empowered to live from your intuition and your soul desires
  • clearer about the way forward
  • inspired for the future

Are you ready to create your Soul Compass? Claim your spot!

There are only limited spots available for each Soul Compass workshop. Claim your spot asap by registering. And if you do that before September 22, 2022 with the promotional code EarlyBird22, you will also receive an early bird discount of €72.